One of the new university degrees With better career opportunities through a combination of skills


Name of the study: Double Degree in Marketing / Tourism

Branch of knowledge: Social and Legal Sciences

Duration: 5 years

European credits: 360

Degree Title Obtained: Graduate in Tourism and Marketing by the University of Girona 

Orientative number of places: 10

Última nota de corte:  Notas de corte de primera asignación del curso 2017-2018

The Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing is one of the new university degrees With better career opportunities through a combination of skills acquired by students in two of the professions with more employment.


Tourism, as the first sector of the economy of Barcelona, ​​together with the deep knowledge of Marketing offered by this double degree allows students to explore new horizons in such a cross field as exciting, because the Double Degree Tourism and Marketing integrates into your content plan studies and skills of both disciplines:

Languages, management, economics, marketing research, communication, new information technology, digital marketing (we include a free Apple laptop, commonly used in the classroom),  law, or internationalization among others. It also introduces innovative aspects in academia for the programming, implementation and evaluation of teaching, and encourages mobility among students, the acquisition of attitudes as entrepreneurship, leadership and critical thinking.

In this context, Mediterrani has an Internal Quality Plan based on the UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2008 which aims to promote a culture of quality and continuous improvement that allows us to remain, in Barcelona, ​​a university reference center for academic excellence.


  • Laptop Apple for use in clases and for implement the competences 5, 9 and 10 of the Double Degree
  • Preparation and exam of the official English title First Certificate, Advanced o Proficiency in our university.  
  • Collaboration with the most important companies of the laboral sector in Barcelona to offer our students more than 1000 job offers and 1200, from the first course.
  • In 5 years you will study: English, French, German and Chinese.
  • Tutorial Action Plan. The P.A.T. offers our students remedial classes free if necessary.
  • 10-storey building completely equipped and updated.
  • More than 30 years of experience and 3 quality certifications (AENOR, IQNet y AQU)
  • Centrally located and well connected. View Map

At the end of the Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing in our university you get:

Official title Tourism and Marketing official degrees from the Unversity of Girona.

Thanks to our quality level imparted in the center education and great preparation of our teachers and our facilities, we are attached to the UdG center , so that at the end of tourism and marketing studies, you will get the official title of the University of Girona.

Proffesional Profile: We develop a professional profile with your best qualities and skills to have more opportunities to find work.




They students who meet any of the following requirements may enroll marketing studies Mediterrani EU:

  • Entrance exams to college (PAU) – Selectivity.
  • Training courses superior grade (CFGS y FPII)or equivalent qualifications.
  • Entrance exams to college for over 25 years
  • Entrance exams to college for over 45 years
  • You have completed other studies with official degree, degree, diploma or equivalent.

If you need more information about access to the degree in tourism, convalidations, etc., you can contact us through the form.


Enrolment dates for the next academic year 2017/18 are:

From 18 to 28 of July
From 1 to 16 of September

Enrolment form 2017/18

For the registration process you can contact us or enter the following official link of the University of Girona.

Registration process


First course

Introduction to Tourism69 ECTS
Economic dimension of tourism market
Sociocultural dimension of tourism
Territorial dimension of tourism
Legal dimension of tourism
Accounting and finance to marketing management of tourism businesses
Computer and communication techniques
English I
French I
Introduction to Marketing
Fundamentals of Statistics
Commercial analysis
Chinese I

Second course

Consumer buying behavior75 ECTS
Buying behavior of organizations
World tourism geographyl
Typology and strategies destinations
Management and land use planning
Organization of tourism businesses
Economic management – financial of tourism enterprises
Operational management processes hosting companies
English II
French II
German I
Statistics I
Statistics II
Chinese II

Third course

Management and operational processes of brokerage firms75 ECTS
Development of products and brands
Designing pricing strategies and programs
Distribution strategies and distribution logistics
Advertising, promotion and public relations
Personal selling and direct marketing
International marketing
Legal dimension of marketingg
English III
French III
Alemán II
Chinese III
Practicum Tourism

Fourth course

Social marketing and non- profit institutions

Design of itineraries and tourism products72 ECTS
Innovation in cultural management
Product management and tourism resources
Innovation in products and tourism resources
An e- commerce creation of tourism products
Strategic Tourism Management
Strategic direction hotel
Management and human resources management
Qualitative and prospective techniques
Marketing plan development
Marketing industrial y de servicios
Industrial marketing and service
English IV
German III
Chinese IV

Fifth course

Marketing Practicum21 ECTS
Purchasing behavior online
Communication and social networks
Internet Market
Design and development of websites
TFG tourism
TFG marketing


The academic calendar of the next academic year 2017/18 is:

Calendar GT, GM, DGTM 17/18

The exam calendar for the 2nd semester for the Degree in Tourism is:

Exam calendar GT 2nd semestre 17-18

The exam calendar for the 2nd semester for the Degree in Marketing is:

Exam calendar GM 2nd semestre 17-18

Schedules of the Double Degree in Tourism and Marketing:


“Intelligence is not only knowledge, but the skill to apply it in practice” (Aristotle).

For this reason, for more than 30 years, in EU Mediterrani we have tried that our students can put into practice, as soon as possible, everything learned in the classrooms. For this we have an experienced team of practices coordinators who work with the most excellent companies and organizations. In this way we commit ourselves to be able to carry out, if you wish, professional internships already in the first year of the degree, either in your closest environment or in any country in the world.

“Study at the Escola Universitària Mediterrani, means join in to a world full of opportunities”. Marc Sancho, Hotel Manager Axel Hotel Barcelona & Urban Spa.

Tourism is the first generator of employment in the country. If you decide to study your Degree in Tourism in EU Mediterrani you will be able to check this reality every day, thanks to the extensive pool of national and international practices and the dynamic job board that you will find in your Student Intranet and in the Mediterrani building touching screens.

“Thanks to EU Mediterrani, the first summer of the degree I was able to do paid internships in France, in a Tourist Office”. Daniel Pardos, student of 2nd year of Degree in Tourism

How do our students value the practices in EU Mediterrani?

Between excellent and good

An addition, our effective program of extracurricular (voluntary) practices that are accessible from the first year, and the curricular practices (compulsory) that take place in the 3rd year of the career, together with our labor insertion program, allow the students of EU Mediterrani they can implement their extensive training throughout their careers, and even find a job within the tourism sector that allows them to better afford the cost of studies, thanks to the fact that many of these practices are remunerated and in many cases concludes in an employment contract.

“Studying at EU Mediterrani I was able to finance part of my career thanks to the paid internships that they provided me”. Andrea Aguado, Barcelona Operations Manager en Abreu DMC



EU MEDITERRANI gives support to the international activity so much of institutional as educational character and researcher who carries out in our center, promoting the mobility so much educational as of the students.
The aim is to contribute to the international projection in the studies of Degree in Tourism and Degree in Marketing taking part in international forums and cooperating with foreign universities.

In the Department of Mediterrani’s International Relations you will find all the information necessary to help yourself when to manage and to proceed with the program of mobility of the European Union Lifelong Learning Program (EU Mediterrani is one of the centers that has signed the Erasmus Letter)

Remember …, the pupils of EU MEDITERRANI can study in the whole Europe…and more!!!!

ERASMUS Agreements:

Vives University CollegeBrugges (Belgium)
University of OradeaOradea (Rumania)
Arcada PolytechnicHelsinki (Finlandia)
American CollegeNicosia (Cyprus)
Lycée Tézenas du MontcelSt. Etienne (Francia)
Instituto Superior Ciencias EducativasRamada (Portugal)
ESA 3París (France))
The Jósef Pilsudski UniversityWarsaw (Poland)
Alexandrio Technological Ed. Of ThessalonikiThessaloniki (Grecia)
Alexandrio Technological Ed. Of ThessalonikiThessaloniki (Greece)
Alexandrio Technological Ed. Of ThessalonikiThessaloniki (Grecia)
Libertas Business SchoolZagreb (Croatia)
Sakarya UniversitySakarya (Turkey)
Universidade de AveiroAveiro (Portugal)
Universita della CalabriaCalabria (Italia)
Karabuk UniversityKarabuk (Turkey)
Erasmushogeschool BrusselBrussels (Belgium)
University of MariborBrezice (Eslovenia)
Afyom Kocatepe UniversityAfyonkarahisar (Turkey)

Degree in Marketing:

Vives University CollegeBrugges (Bélgica)
Libertas Business SchoolZagreb (Croacia)
University of Applied Sciences Baltazar ZapresicZapresic (Croacia)
Universidade de AveiroAveiro (Portugal)
American CollegeNicosia (Chipre)
Selahaddin Eyyubi UniversityDiyarbakir (Turquía)
Polytechnic Institute of BragançaBragança (Portugal)
University of SzegedSzeged (Hungría)
University of LodzLodz (Polonia)

SICUE Agreements:

SICUE is a program of the Conference of rectors of Spanish universities(CRUE) to conduct studies in Spanish Universities

Degree in Tourism:

Universidad de CadizUniversidad de Murcia
Universidad de HuelvaUniversidad de Islas Baleares
Universidad de JaénUniversidad de La Rioja
Universidad de OviedoUniversidad de Sevilla
Universidad de Zaragoza

Degree in Marketing:

Universidad de Cádiz

Universidad de Almería

Universidad de Granada

Universidad del País Vasco

PROMETEU exchanges:

Are agreements between EU Mediterrani and non-European universities aimed at jointly developing research agreements and exchanges between students and teachers.

MarketingDong Hwa UniversityTaiwan
MarketingChinese Culture UniversityTaiwan
MarketingTunghai UniversityTaiwan
TourismUniversidad Mondragon-UCOQuerétaro (Mexico)

Erasmus Placements

Mobility of students for practice Erasmus+ for Traineeships is a form of Erasmus + program of the European Union. Its purpose is to help students adapt to the demands of the European labor market, acquire specific skills and improve their understanding of the economic and social environment of the country of destination, while they gain work experience.

This program aims to college students undertake internships with academic recognition in companies or organizations in other European countries.

Erasmus Placements

Incoming Students

If you are planning to apply for a place at EU MEDITERRANI as an incoming Erasmus student, the first thing you need to do is to contact your coordinator at your home university and discuss your candidacy with him/her.

We can only accept incoming students of partner universities.

You can find useful information for your stay through this link:

Incoming Students


The Final Degree Project (from now on TFG) is an approximation to a research. The TFG involve the realization, on the part of the student, of a project, a study, a memory or a work in which the knowledge, skills, competences and skills required in the corresponding study are applied, integrated and developed. . The intention of the TFG is to prepare the student for the two exits from obtaining the Degree in Tourism: Work World: Whatever it is, you will have to make reports, analyzes, balance sheets …

For this reason the methodology is a KEY aspect of the TFG to take a master’s degree and / or doctorate. You will need knowledge and skills, both methodological and academic. That is why the TFG has these two aspects. The subject of the TFG has a load of 15 ECTS credits is worked as follows: Exhibition classes the first semester (Compulsory attendance except Erasmus and justifiable causes documented) Tutorials during the whole course (from the end of September to the defense of the TFG). They can be face-to-face or virtual. A minimum of 5 must be submitted by submitting material for correction / revision. The TFG is related to the EU Mediterrani Research Group: Image, Satisfaction and Tourist Behavior (ISTB). Many TFG topics are part of an ISTB research line; many are taken to congresses, conferences: many are published in books, papers (academic journals), etc.



EU Mediterrani offers an effective service of Grants to help in all your efforts related to this issue.
The person in charge is Montse Escudero, you can contact her directly by e-mail

AGAUR grants for university students

Accreditation of an economic nature in order to formalize college tuition without payment of public prices
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MEC  Grants (Ministerio de Educación)

For undergraduate studies
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Accomodation Grants

EU Mediterrani for for students who live outside of Barcelona
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EU Mediterrani grants for students with friends who start studying at Mediterrani during the academic year 2018-19
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EU Mediterrani grants for students with brothers/sisters who also start studying at Mediterrani during the academic year 2018-19.
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