Mediterrani College service’s support research, career guidance and educational guidance during the degree or the vocational studies.

Course Planification

The enrollment form for 2019/20 is:

Schedule 2019/20:

Academic Schedule 2019/20 is:

The exam calendar for the second semester in curs 2018/19 is:

Customized tutorship

In EU MEDITERRANI we believe that the edication has to go beyond the school hours. This way so, we offer you every day a free high number of tutorships attend them, besides the flexibility of the on-line tutorships that they will allow you to contact your teachers avoiding unnecessary displacements.

Evidently all the tutorships are raised in an individual and personalized way.

In addition also you will enjoy our Tutorial Action plan (GT and GM) consisting of an academic support extra and free in order to improve your academic performance.

Agut, NeusDimarts de 17.30 a 18.30 - Cicles
Alcaraz, Eduard2on semestre
Setmana del 24/06:
Dimarts 25/06 de 16 a 18 h
Setmana de l’01/07:
Dimarts 02/07 de 15 a 18 h
Setmana del 08/07:
Dimarts 09/07 de 15 a 18 h
Estudis de mercat per internet dijous 06/06 a partir de les 16.30 h.
Aragón, IratxeDilluns de 16.30 a 17.30h – Cicles formatius
Dijous de 10 a 11 h – Grau Turisme
Badey, Stephanie2on semestre
Dimarts de 18 a 19 h
Barahona, Fèlix2on Semestre
Setmana del 17/06:
Dilluns 17/06 de 17 a 20 h
Dimecres 19/06 de 9 a 12 h
Dijous 20/06 de 18 a 19 h
Berbel, Gaspar2on Semestre
Dimarts 25/06 de 12 a 17 h
Dilluns 01/07 de 13.30 a 18.30 h
Buj, Anna2on Semestre
Dimarts 25/06 d’11 a 14 h
Dijous 27/06 de 12.30 a 14.30 h
Calise, Adriana2on semestre
Dimarts de 9.30 a 11.30 h
Dimarts 11/06 a les 9.30 h
Cesena, Oriol2on semestre
Dimecres 17 a 18 h
Cole, Bill2on semestre
Dimecres de 12 a 13 h
Copeiro, Meritxell2on semestre
Dijous 27/06 de 12.30 a 13.30 h
Divendres 28/06 de 16 a 17 h
4GM C i 3GM A - dimarts 28/05/19 de 16 a 17h
3GT - dilluns 03/06/19 d'11 a 11.30h
1 i 2GM - dilluns 03/06/19 de 16 a 17h
3GM : dimecres 19/06/19 de 16 a 17h
Delgado, FranciscoDijous 18.30 a 19.30
Detry, Florence2on semestre
Dimarts 25/06 de 8 a 9 i de 12 a 14 h
Divendres 12/07 de 10h50 a 13h50
De Jong, Milena2on semestre
Dimarts 25/06 de 10 a 11 h
Dimecres 26/06 de 12:00 a 14:00 h
Divendres 28/06 de 16 a 18h
Dimarts 02/07 de 12 a 14 h
Dimecres 03/07 de 15 a 17 h
Dimarts 09/07 de 12 a 14 h
Dimecres 10/07 de 15 a 17 h
1GTA – dimarts 25/06 de 10 a 11
Espinet, Josep Maria1er
Feliu, Lluís2on semestre
Contactar amb per concertar tutories.
Fondevila, Joan Francesc2on semestre
Dimarts de 12.15 a 14 i de 16 a 18 h
Contactar amb per concertar tutories.
García, Eduard2on semestre
Dimarts 25/06 d’11.30 a 13.30 h
Dijous 18/07 d’10 a 12 h
Gassiot, Ariadna2on semestre
Dimecres de 14 a 16 h
Dimecres 26/06 a les 14:00
González, Zahaira1er
Gracia, Cristina2on semestre
Dimarts 25/06 de 9 a 12 h
Divendres 28/06 de 10 a 12 h
Gutiérrez, Óscar2on semestre
Dilluns i dimecres de 17 a 19 h
Hernández, Josée2on semestre
Setmana del 24/06/19:
Dimecres 26/06 de 13.30 a 14.30 h
Dijous 27/06 de 12.30 a 14 h
Laygues, Arnaud2on semestre
Dimarts 25/06 de 12 a 14.30 h
Dimecres 26/06 de 13.30 a 14.30 h
Dijous 27/06 de 12.30 a 14 h
López, Laura2on semestre
Dimarts 25/06 d’11 a 12 h
3CGM i 4BGM: divendres 31/05 de 16-17 h
2AGM: Dilluns 03/06 de 16 a 17 h
3AGT: Dilluns 03/06 de 10.30 a 11 h
1BGM: Dimarts 04/06 de 16 a 17 h
2EGT: Divendres 07/06 de 16 a 17 h
3GMC : Dijous 20/06 d’11.30 a 12 h
3GT: dimarts 25/06 de 10.30 a 1130 h
1GM i 2GM: dimecres 26/06 de 16 a 17 h
Lunes 15 de julio de 2019: 11.00-13.00
Martes 16 de julio de 2019: 11.00-13.00
Miércoles 17 de julio de 2019: 11.00-12.00
Jueves 25 de julio de 2019: 11.30-14.00
Viernes 26 de julio de 2019: 11.30-14.00
Lopez, Toni2on semestre
Divendres de 17 a 18 h
Marcuello, Concha2on semestre
Dilluns 17/06 de 16 a 17 h
Dijous 20/06 de 9 a 11 h
Martín, Elena2on semestre
Dimarts 25/05 de 16 a 18 h
Martínez, José Luis2on semestre
Tutories de juny a setembre: (Vigent fins inici del curs)
Dimarts i dijous de 8.30 a 11 h
Dijous 27/06 de 8 a 9.30 h
Dimarts 02/07 de 8.30 a 12 h
McLellan, Catherine2on semestre
Dimarts 25/06 d’11 a 12 h
Mojica, Laia2on semestre
Dimecres i dijous de 12:30 a 13:30 h
Molano, LluïsaDilluns de 9 a 10 h – Grau Turisme
Dilluns de 17.30 a 18 h - Cicles formatius
Dimarts de 17.00 a 17.30 h - Cicles formatius
Dijous de 17.30 a 18 h - Cicles formatius
Divendres de 16.30 a 18 h - Cicles formatius
Revisió Organització de congressos – Divendres 21/06 de 13 a 14 h
Dimarts 25/06 de 14 a 19 h
Moss, Michael2on semestre
Dilluns 17/06 de 16 a 19 h
Dimarts 18/06 de 16 a 19 h
Dimecres 19/06 de 16 a 19 h
Divendres 21/06 de 10 a 12 h
Muñoz, Mònica2on semestre
Dilluns de 10.45 a 12 h – Grau Turisme
Dimarts de 15 a 17.30 h – Cicles Formatius
Dimecres de 10 a 12 h – Grau Turisme
Dijous de 15 a 18 h – Cicles Formatius
Nogueras, Ramón2on semestre
Dimarts i dimecres de 10 a 12 h
Puiggròs, ElenaDivendres 28/06 de 10 a 14 h
Dimecres 03/07 de 10 a 14 h
Dijous 04/07 de 10 a 14 h
Dilluns 08/07 de 9 a 14 h
Dimecres 10/07 de 9 a 14 h
Dijous 11/07 de 9 a 14 h
Dilluns 15/07 de 9 a 14 h
Dimecres 17/07 de 9 a 14 h
Dijous 18/07 de 9 a 14 h
Dilluns 22/07 de 9 a 14 h
Dimecres 24/07 de 9 a 14 h
Divendres 26/07 de 10 a 14 h
Pulido, Ada2on semestre
Divendres de 15 a 16 h
Rehecho, Santiago2on semestre
Dimarts 25/06 de 10.30 a 12 h
Dijous 27/06 d’11 a 12.30 h
Anglès IV A GM – dilluns 27/05 de 19 a 20 h (amb cita prèvia)
Bussiness English A GT – dimarts 28/05 de 10.30 a 11 h (amb cita prèvia)
Anglès III B GT – dimarts 04/06 a les 10.30 h (amb cita prèvia)
Rius, Monica2on semestre
Dimarts 18/06 d’11 a 12 h
Dimecres 19/06 de 10 a 12 h
3GMB, 1GTE, 1GTD – Divendres 28/06 de 16 a 20 h
Segura, Joan1er
Serradell, Enric2on SEMESTRE
Consultar via e-mail
Tapia, Eduard2on semestre
Dimarts 25/06 de 9 a 14 h
Tsai, Hui-Wen2on semestre
Dimarts 25/06 de 16 a 18 h
Wiget, Bruno2on semestre
Dilluns de 17 a 18 h

Grants service

EU Mediterrani offers an effective service of Grants to help in all your efforts related to this issue.
The person in charge is Montse Escudero, you can contact her directly by e-mail

AGAUR grants for university students

Accreditation of an economic nature in order to formalize college tuition without payment of public prices
More information

MEC  Grants (Ministerio de Educación)

For undergraduate studies
More information

Accomodation Grants

EU Mediterrani for for students who live outside of Barcelona
More information

Friend grants

EU Mediterrani grants for students with friends who start studying at Mediterrani during the academic year 2019-20
More information

Family grants

EU Mediterrani grants for students with brothers/sisters who also start studying at Mediterrani during the academic year 2018-19.
More information

Library grants

EU Mediterrani grants for collaborating at the Library Department during academic year  2018-19
More information

Best academic grants

EU Mediterrani coffer grants to the best academic results
More information

International relationship

EU MEDITERRANI gives support to the international activity so much of institutional as educational character and researcher who carries out in our center, promoting the mobility so much educational as of the students.
The aim is to contribute to the international projection in the studies of Degree in Tourism and Degree in Marketing taking part in international forums and cooperating with foreign universities.

In the Department of Mediterrani’s International Relations you will find all the information necessary to help yourself when to manage and to proceed with the program of mobility of the European Union Lifelong Learning Program (EU Mediterrani is one of the centers that has signed the Erasmus Letter)

Remember …, the students of EU MEDITERRANI can study in the whole Europe…and more!!!!

ERASMUS Agreements-Degree in Tourism:

Vives University CollegeBrugges (Bélgica)
University of OradeaOradea (Rumania)
Arcada PolytechnicHelsinki (Finlandia)
American CollegeNicosia (Chipre)
Lycée Tézenas du MontcelSt. Etienne (Francia)
Instituto Superior Ciencias EducativasRamada (Portugal)
ESA 3París (Francia)
The Jósef Pilsudski UniversityWarsaw (Polonia)
Libertas Business SchoolZagreb ( Croacia)
Alexandrio Technological Ed. Of ThessalonikiThessaloniki (Grecia)
Instituto Estudios Superiores de FAFEFafe (Portugal)
Universidade de AveiroAveiro (Portugal)
Universita della CalabriaCalabria (Italia)
Karabuk UniversityKarabuk (Turquía)
Erasmushogeschool BrusselBrussels (Bélgica)
University of MariborBrezice (Eslovenia)
Afyom Kocatepe UniversityAfyonkarahisar (Turquía)
Warsaw School of Tourism and Hospitality ManagementWarsaw (Polonia)
Varna University of ManagementVarna (Bulgaria)
PXL University of Applied Sciences and ArtsHasselt (Bélgica)
Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool AntwerpenAntwerpen (Bélgica)

ERASMUS Agreements-Degree in Marketing:

Vives University CollegeBrugges (Bélgica)
American CollegeNicosia (Chipre)
Libertas Business SchoolZagreb ( Croacia)
Selahaddin Eyyubi UniversityDiyarbakır (Turquía)
Afyom Kocatepe UniversityAfyonkarahisar (Turquía)
Polytechnic Institute of BragançaBragança (Portugal)
University of LodzLodz (Polonia)
University of SzegedSzeged (Hungría)
Fondazione ITS Jobs academyBergamo (Italia)
Varna University of ManagementVarna (Bulgaria)
EFAP.School of communicationParis (França)
Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool AntwerpenAntwerpen (Bélgica)
PXL University of Applied Sciences and ArtsHasselt (Bélgica)

SICUE Agreements:

SICUE is a program of the Conference of rectors of Spanish universities(CRUE) to conduct studies in Spanish Universities.

It allows students to complete a period of studies with academic recognition in a different university institution in which the student is enrolled

Degree in Tourism:

Universidad de Murcia

Universidad de Huelva

Universidad de Islas Baleares

Universidad de Jaén

Universidad de La Rioja

Universidad de Oviedo

Universidad de Sevilla

Universidad de Zaragoza


Degree in Marketing:

Universidad de Cádiz

Universidad de Almería

Universidad de Granada

PROMETEU Agreements:

Agreements between EU Mediterrani and non european Universities to Exchange students and staff, with academic recognition

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Erasmus Placements

Mobility of students for practice Erasmus+ for Traineeships is a form of Erasmus + program of the European Union. Its purpose is to help students adapt to the demands of the European labor market, acquire specific skills and improve their understanding of the economic and social environment of the country of destination, while they gain work experience.

This program aims to college students undertake internships with academic recognition in companies or organizations in other European countries.

Erasmus Placements

Incoming Students

If you are planning to apply for a place at EU MEDITERRANI as an incoming Erasmus student, the first thing you need to do is to contact your coordinator at your home university and discuss your candidacy with him/her.

We can only accept incoming students of partner universities.

You can find useful information for your stay through this link:

Incoming Students

Computer center

The University College Mediterrani always has been pioneering in computer services. It offers two rooms equipped with an extensive net of last generation and connected to Internet.

To accede to the computer services it is necessary to be student of EU MEDITERRANI and have out student card.

The computer service is available from Monday until Friday from 8 to 22 hours. In EU MEDITERRANI the students not only have an excelent computer service but all our educational and administrative personnel enjoys the last computer innovations to be able to offer the best service to all our students.


In the University College Mediterrani you will find all the bibliographical material necessary to improve your knowledge acquired during the studies. The bibliographical collection of Mediterrani not only has the last publishing new features about Marketing and Tourism, but that also has an extensive variety of magazines of the tourist sector. Also it has audio-visual and multimedia material.

In order to be able to use the Library service of Mediterrani there is to be student and to be in possession of the student membership card.

To see all the documentation provided by the library of the Universitat de Girona you can click here.

To see all the documentation provided by the library of Escola Universitaria Mediterrani you can click here.

Bar with two terraces

In EU MEDITERRANI we think that our students need to have a pleasant space for leisure or rest, and this is the main function of this service.

With generous total dimensions of more than 400 m2 where you can enjoy the services of the best university dining room, equipped with coffee machines, food and drinks, microwave ovens and two magnificent terraces where you can also eat surrounded by spectacular views over the city of Barcelona, turn this space into the ideal meeting place.

Sport service

All the students, educational and investigating personnel and members of the administrative personnel of the University College Mediterrani have the possibility of making sport with conditions very advantageous thanks to the agreement of collaboración signed with a prestigious SPORT CENTER (to consult in EU MEDITERRANI).

Swimming Pool



Futbol Sala




Our institution solves your lodging problem in Barcelona offering information on apartments to let, shared flats, and other solutions for accommodation.

The person in charge is Montse Escudero, you can contact sending an e-mail to

In addition if you are living out of the province of Barcelona you will enjoy a Scholarship of Housing of 500 Euros: Information and application

Everything so that you do not have worry about something so basic and can devote more time on your studies.


Internships represent a fundamental aspect in your training, for this reason in Mediterrani we have a department that manages exclusively this question and across which we offer you the best professional internships in collaboration with the most important companies. In addition also you will be able to consult on the tactile screens of the building Mediterrani and across the intranet of the student our dynamic bag of internships with an average that overcomes 1000 offers a year and many of them remunerated.